Rocket in evil personality.


Rocket's good form (yes, he wears bunny ears)

Rocket is a User that has been turned evil but remained partially good.


Early LifeEdit

Rocket lived in District Three, Panem, Hunger Games Wiki. When Rocket was a child, his parents died in a plane crash. He was adopted by a friendly Physics Professor named Dr. Wayne. Rocket had recurring nightmares about firey explosions and people he cared about dying. When he was thriteen, he met a girl named Jane. He and Jane spent more and more time together until they came to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. When Rocket was fifteen, there was a terrorist incident that killed both Prof. Wayne and Jane. He went insane and was shipped off to a Russian mental insititute. He couldn't speak but had eratic behavior and sometimes had absoluetly no movement. A doctor at the mental hospital helped Rocket and brought him back to sanity. The doctor was shot and killed during an attempted civil war. Rocket was immigrated to the User Planet afterwards.

Turned Partially EvilEdit

Rocket was pulled out of his Wiki to the User Dimension one by the Master. Rocket was then turned partially evil by The Master, and was the first one to do so. Due to a problem, he was only partially turned evil, leaving him with a split personality. This had also driven him partially insane. However he has no idea of the actions sone by the other side of his personality.


  • Rocket can talk to dead people as if they were actual people
  • He can speak and understand any language
  • He is a telepath
  • He can breath in all types of air and can breath in space
  • He is resistent to cold
  • He has enhanced hearing