Wikia BackstoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Redo came to Wikia while it was in a very humble state: No chat, Poorly-built wikis, and no badges. He was surprised by this and included himself in over 20 wikis. Unfortunetly, he was not welcome on most of them. No matter how much he edited and did what he beileved what was right, about 80% of his edits were removed. He was depressed. It had been nearly 5 months after discovering the network, that he found a great wiki: BTFF Wiki. He met a ton of nice and creative users, at least 60% of the wiki's user cast, including Binkatong, Roads, Brianultimatedragon, JonathanTennysion, Thomas Hozempa, Newbie49, ect...

Here he was treated fairly, and 99% of his edits remained in place. He eventually befriended JonathanTennysion (as mentioned before) and was eventually teleported here by him. He was mad at Jonathan and un-friended him.(On FaceBook and real life XD) He decided to become a villian and joined the faction "Evil"...


Redo is a member of Evil. He is an can build weapons quickly. He was hired as the group's science-nerd because of this. He usually suggests a resonable plan, while in danger, but no one listens to him. After their team was defeated, he moved to a distant planet and became a Weaponmaster of Techadon.


He is skilled with weapons. He also can control technology and interact with it. He does not do this often because he is sometimes overwhelmed by the power.