Jonathan is a User who is part of the faction of Good.


Early LifeEdit

Jonathan was 14 when he 1st entered Ben 10 fan sites on the internet. He came across when it was Fall, 2010. Jonathan then became a well-known member there for months. One point of his time there in Spring 2011, he became a chatmod. In March, 2010, he met Yoite while roleplaying Pokemon with Tyrogue (later known as Alan Scott), also known as Jolaz who was a great friend of Jonathan along with a guy named Ned, which he called Neddy. After having fun and many adventures of roleplaying came a disaster. On Tuesday, May 18th 2011, Jonathan was hacked for the very 1st time. Who was it?

Jonathan has been hacked multiple of times after that, he later suspected that it was Alan Scott or Yoite (Jolaz). But Jonathan couldn't do anything about it because noone would help him. On June 5th, 2011, he was forced to move his home site to BTFF with no turning back. On June 5th, that night, he was hacked for the last time. The webmaster suspended him, which means he can't even view the home page.

In BTFF, he tries to make friends and tries to stand up to others for what's right, because he doesn't want to make another mistake like he did in the previous site and mess up again losing almost all his friends. So he made a reunion with some of his friends on BTFF like Will, IAX, Survivefan, and Alex. He had some hard times trying to get through with lots of stress and tries to forgive what should be forgiven. He made his best friend Redo, which then was brought to the User Dimension. They got in a huge fight which ended up for each of them going their seperate ways. Really, Jonathan went left and Redo went right.

After joining GoodEdit

Jonathan joined Good and wanted to destroy all villians.


  • Lasers
  • Technology controlling